Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I saw a meme. It said: "It takes 2.5 seconds to text 'hi.' There are 24 hours in the day. If I'm not worth 2.5 seconds of your time, then you are not worth a position in my life." It got me to thinking.

While it may be true that it takes only 2.5 seconds to text hi, it almost never goes unanswered. You get a text back. And maybe it's not just 'hi,' there's a little bit more added to it. "Hi, how are you?" So you think, it took them about 10 seconds to text that, right? It would be rude not to respond. It takes another 10 seconds for you to respond. "Fine, and you?" Another response. Of course, you could have just answered fine, and cut them off, but that would be rude. So they answer, "Can't complain. What are you doing?" Before you know it, you are texting a regular conversation. Now if you're someplace you're not supposed to have your phone, like work. This is probably happening over a prolonged period, not in sequence. The point is, it's never just as simple as texting 'hi,' and leaving it at that.

Perhaps that person isn't being rude by not responding, or just texting "hi." There are places where people can't have their phones. Some places have horrible reception. People commute, and it's not a good idea to text and drive. There are all sorts of little reasons that time slips away without finding the time to say hi to your friends every day. That's why true friends understand this and give you space. Imagine if all the people in your life demanded you text them hi each and every day. It only takes 2.5 seconds, right? How many people could there be? If you have family, add each of your family members. If you have a job, you need to add your co-workers on there too. If you have a job with customer relations, you have even more people to add, but just go ahead and add any work contacts as well. All this and you haven't even gotten to your friends yet.

The point of all this is: that meme may sound like it's not asking much. After all, how much trouble is it to smile, or say hi, or wave? But when you demand people act a certain way to suit you, then call them unworthy if they don't do what you ask, you're the one being the jerk.

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