Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hello All

I have decided to begin earnestly treating my writing career as a job. I'll be starting off slowly because of the time other activities consume. The first step is to decide which market to begin with. Obviously I should write about things I am already familiar with at first because they will require much less research. My interests are varied but I think I'll begin with either art or music since I love those the most. Of course I could also write about anime or video games, but I feel like those niches have a lot more people in the YouTube market than in the magazine market. My goal is to work my way up from some of the lesser known magazines with an end goal of being published in Time. I do not think I'll make Time magazine in the first year. I should probably give myself at least five years to accomplish that goal, if not more.

I will be writing one article a month minimum and submitting query letters about it to magazines in that niche. I have ordered a copy of this years writer's market to give myself a starting point of magazines to send query letters to. Once my submissions begin showing results I will try to devote more time to writing and research. If I can start selling articles I can use that money to put a dent in my student loans.

I will be using some of the information gleaned from my com class two semesters ago to help my writing stand out. When I was reading the course material I noticed that many of the points made in the course material applied to communication by writing as well as spoken communication. Since I have always been better at expressing myself through this medium, I should be able to convert the lessons and make them work for me in my writing.

I fully intend to have at least three or four published articles by this year's end to add to my portfolio. I have also decided to keep trying to get my creative works published. I am certain that I will need more help with this because there is so much competition in the creative writing field. If I set aside at least 15-30 min a day to commit to writing or researching (I spend at least that researching stuff on FB to comment) I should be able to churn out at least one well-written article a month. The biggest obstacle is probably going to be doing this while carving out time for my studies (which use a big chunk of free-time), working full-time, and raising kiddos. Perhaps my first article should be study tips for single moms.

So, even though I have been a ghost lately and haven't blogged in a while, don't expect another update until after I've sent my first query letter. Once I get that done, I'll consider the rest of the month free for other writing activities (such as blogging). Wish me luck!!!

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