Tuesday, October 11, 2016


So a couple of weeks ago I approached someone at the office of the paper and magazine that the school puts out. Still haven't heard back about that so I'm not sure where I stand. When it comes to getting published, the easiest way is to submit works to magazines which do not pay. This is what I'm assuming is the case for the on campus magazine and paper as they just gave me a copy to read so I could get a feel for how they write and what they publish. The man was very nice and said one of the student editors would contact me with an assignment, but so far none has been forthcoming.

My CW class is doing much better than I imagined after my first couple of days. There is a lot of joking around and laughing in the class. Only one student keeps mentioning the incident that I previously blogged about and even he only brings it up once in a while. I think he's the inciter of the group though. He's the one who's always saying outrageous things and making jokes at the professor's expense.

As for my other classes, biology and Spanish could definitely be going better but I'm pretty sure I've got at least a B in both for now. So as long as I keep that up I don't have to worry about failing. I am a little worried about my GPA which was severely affected by my choosing to get less than suitable grades for my final UoP classes since I was planning to change my major anyway. Had I known that Tarleton would have accepted the transcripts even though I hadn't gotten enough credits for an AA, I would have dropped those classes and just started from what I had before that. As it was, I let my grades for a few of those classes run down to the C and D level which did affect my GPA and I'm just now getting it back up there.

If I get my GPA up above 3.5 that would be ideal, but I'm not sure that is possible even if I get all As for the next three semesters. We will see.

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