Monday, July 4, 2016


Have you missed me? I had a funny viewing anomaly last week when my blog got over a hundred hits in one day. I was starting to think that my blog was finally taking off but that feeling died down when the number of hits did. Apparently someone discovered my blog or was trying to find a particular post. Either way, I'm not complaining. Views are good for blogs and exposure is exposure. In my desired field it is good to have a blog that has a higher number of hits to show prospective employers as part of a portfolio of work.

By way of updating you on the progress of my article writing, I will say that the two I wrote about finishing last month were the only two I got done all month. However, I have finished a third on this fourth of July and just submitted it for review. The first article I had submitted was rejected at first but I revised it and now it has been accepted. I am keeping my copy of course so I can use it as part of my portfolio. When it sells that will be a good point to make to potential employers. The more of those articles I can sell on this content site, the more proof I'll have that my work is marketable. I still have two more years of school to finish before I have a degree to show them and I may hold off on trying to get a writing job until I've finished school (unless I can get one with the school newspaper) so school won't interfere with work. I have a pretty full schedule this fall semester anyway with a new language and a tough science course to tackle.

There have been a few personal issues that have gotten me down here lately. So I've been a little out of it, not my normal cheery (if sarcastic) self. I really do want to try writing a humor article but I really cannot think of where to start. I guess a parenting article would be the best venue for that since it can be comically disastrous sometimes. Other than that, there has been little of interest to talk about. Each day is kind of the same and so the days really just blend together. I did start a new technique to limit my kids' time on computer and other devices. I let them use the device for an hour and then they take a break. Today on their break they got so interested in playing a game together that they forgot the break was over and continued playing even after I said they could get back on devices. Now that's what I call progress. My letting the girls pick their meals plan isn't going as well. Youngest went first and today we ate her meal which consisted of Mac & Cheese, Hot dogs with cheese and lettuce. However, after the meal was prepared she decided she didn't want hot dogs after all and refused to eat it. She ate some of the Mac and Cheese and one tiny bite of lettuce but even though it meant she couldn't watch TV for the rest of the day, she still refused to touch her hot dog. Hopefully the other girls like their choices more. The deal is that they get to pick the meal for three days, on the weekend we have breakfast foods for dinner/lunch and I pick every other meal so I pick Tuesday and Thursday. Since they get to pick three of the meals I was hoping this will help them to try my meals and not complain so much. We'll see about that.

As always comments are appreciated, let me know what you think.

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