Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Your views on drugs and alcohol"

I don't understand why people who haven't hurt anyone but themselves are being arrested for drugs. If you get drunk and do something bad you get arrested for it only after you've done something bad. If you got drunk in the privacy of your own home you'd never get arrested. That's because we somehow find alcohol more acceptable than other substances.

Now I'm not saying I'm a fan of drugs or that I'd do them myself (especially not hard drugs). But then again I will hardly take medication but I understand it has a useful purpose. The fact of the matter is, the more we illegalize and fight drugs the more new drugs come out and the more people are doing dangerous things to get high. People will not stop trying just because we fight it. Some people will do it just to rebel against the status quo. And we're filling up our prisons with non-violent offenders when we could be using the money we spent to keep them locked up in other areas.

If we want to take the conspiratorist's view of why drugs are illegal we'd say that pharmaceutical companies want them illegal so they can make more money off the legal ones. I'm not saying drugs aren't dangerous. You know what's also dangerous? Cars. You don't see us making it illegal to drive. Lots of things are dangerous that can be regulated to be less so. Like saying you can't drink under a certain age, or saying you have to have a driver's license to drive. Locking people up for it obviously isn't solving the drug problem and illegalizing them is only making the drug cartels richer.

Isn't it possible that if we decriminalized drugs that less people would do them, not more? All the people that already find them distasteful because they're dangerous would avoid them. People who'd never tried them might be less inclined to do so if there wasn't this added excitement of doing something that was taboo.

I think alcohol and cigarettes are also a form of drugs but they are legal. They are also both very dangerous if used to excess. I live in a small town where the use of a chemically manufactured and very dangerous drug is common. Drug arrests and trials happen frequently for a small town of 3000. The policing of it hasn't slowed its progression in the slightest. It is just forcing those who have made that mistake repeat it by making them felons and thereby making it more difficult to find honest work.

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  1. I understand and agree with your views on the legalization of some drugs, especially marijuana. I think legalization would stop a lot of the crime associated with people trying to profit from it because it is illegal. I also think the medical benefits make it better than addictive prescription drugs for things like anxiety. Thanks for the post!