Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The evils of Social Media

Since my last entry I have had a lot of stressors in my life including losing my precious cat Vanilla. He often goes outside and wanders always coming back within the day. The last time I saw him was almost a week ago. I have no idea where he could be, unless someone found him wandering and took him in. I have tried putting up posters but only the ones I put up at work remain because immediately after I got them made it started raining and has been raining every day since. I put up two different sets of posters which had been washed away by rain within a day.

In addition to this, I had an assignment which I wasn't comfortable with that I had to complete and turn in by today. I ended up turning it in on time although the one I turned in was much too long. I know I'm going to lose points for that, and probably for the way I gave the presentation too. I don't really know what else I could have done. I spend three hours in the media collaboration room at my school library working on it to no avail. Each one was progressively worse instead of better and try as I might I couldn't get it under 4 min without leaving out essential evidence.

I have a feeling that the A average I have been maintaining up to now is about to plummet. I also have a group project (you know how much I hate those) which I'm not exactly sure how to do. There will be research of course, there will be pamphlets or something of the kind and there has to be some kind of visual aid. I know that much although I'm not really sure how we're supposed to go about doing the project.

I also have two midterms coming up on the same day. Although it is next Tuesday I am going to have the girls this weekend which might make studying a little more difficult. I can, however, study after they go to bed.

For those of you who have me as friends on FB you may (or may not) have noticed that I deactivated my account. I did this for a couple of reasons. The first reason was that I was becoming sort of obsessed with checking my FB every day only to find that the notifications were all trivial. The other reason was that when I feel down it is especially difficult to make posts since if I post the truth it might freak everyone out and if I post anything less I will get little to no response which makes me feel even worse. Also I read other people's posts and all the support they get from their FB friends and it just makes me feel like no one I know cares. I know that's not true. I know that people just have so many FB friends that their newsfeeds are full of other posts and they probably never even see mine. Still seeing other people get lots of feedback while I get little to none makes me feel bad and I don't need to feel even worse right now. Maybe I'll get back on FB when I'm feeling a little more chipper but for now it's too much drama.

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