Wednesday, January 6, 2016

In our Image

I saw an Instagram post where they were debating creationism vs. evolution. It's the age old debate and the creationist argued that it's like throwing the pieces of a watch on the floor and expecting that over time they will evolve into a working clock but it's not exactly like that. And here's what I mean. A clock is something that is invented, something that cannot evolve by itself. I don't think that's a fair simile since even if they were in the vast reaches of space the pieces of a clock attracted to each other by gravity might or might not form a working clock. The odds of that happening are fairly slim. But say you had a billion potential clocks floating in space and the pieces would cling together by the forces of gravity. In that case there is a much higher chance that at least one clock will assemble in the correct order to work. It's not like the earth is the only planet in the universe. And earth isn't even the only planet that has all the components necessary for life so it is rather arrogant of us to think that we're the only planet in the vast reaches of space that does have life on it. But even if we were the only planet with life, it's the same clock scenario again. There are billions of stars in our universe and all those stars can be observed to be born, and die. That is an observable phenomenon that the tools we have invented have allowed us to see. Of course a creationist would argue that what we're observing is the hand of God creating, and there is of course no way to prove it isn't. After all, it would be the height of arrogance to think that even an intelligent creator looked at us in all our glory and decided "this is the best I can do" and stopped creating.

But lets look at it this way: for the longest time the earth was thought to be flat because mankind hadn't invented a way to observe the earth from above and because no one had enough time and wherewithal to travel to the "edge" to find out that there was no edge. For the longest time the earth was thought to be the center of the universe and that all the stars and the moon and the sun were created just to serve its purpose. Then one day a telescope was invented and a man (Galileo) observed the stars rotation patterns and figured out that the sun was the center of the solar system and that we revolved around it. And for the longest time men have been inventing gods to explain what they don't understand. So if it is a known fact that men invent gods to explain what they don't understand, what's to say that there is one at all? It is a distinct possibility that in the same way Thor and the other Greek gods and goddesses were created to explain natural phenomenon, we invented an omniscient creator to explain why people have to die and to give people hope that this life isn't all there is. It could have also been a way to control people as well. I'm sure religion was created mainly for that purpose.

I'm not saying for sure there isn't a God, but it just amuses me to see the argument that the universe exists in such a way that it could only be the work of an intelligent creator. It amuses me because we are creating God in our image. We are intelligent, creative beings who love to invent so why wouldn't we think that there must be someone who invented us?

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  1. You are right on. Religion is just a way of gaining power and control of people. Most of the things they come up with are absolutely ludicrous.