Tuesday, December 8, 2015


So I've finished two exams and foregone the third that I had today. Did the best that I could. Our performance definitely wasn't the best one. There was this one group that I thought did the best job and the teacher even had something to say about their performance. Ours went almost fine but one of the actors forgot several of her lines and the rest of us had to compensate since we couldn't say some lines without her saying hers. But for the most part it went as scripted. Wish I had been able to attend the final rehearsal, but I had the kiddos and couldn't bring them out late on a school night especially not one they'd have to wake up earlier than normal. A friend helped me out so I could make it on time since this exam started at 8 and I live an hour's drive away. But of all the days to miss my alarm and oversleep, I ended up being just a few moments late. Thankfully, though, they hadn't begun yet. They made us do evaluations of our classmates' attendance and participation. I hope they all evaluated me well. I tried to be honest and fair but also nice. I didn't give anyone lower than a three out of five on either.

On my math final we were allowed to skip two problems which was good because there were two that I couldn't remember how to solve. They both had to do with logarithms. Actually there was a third one I kind of guessed at because I couldn't remember the proper formula to figure it out algebraically. I don't think I did badly enough to bring my overall grade below a B but I'm not sure I did well enough that I got an A for the class either. Decided to forego my English final since she said if we were satisfied with our current grade, not to take it. Mine was an A- so I figured it could only hurt me to take the final since it might bring my grade down to a B but Tarleton doesn't do minus or plus grades so what I'll get on my GPA will be the points for an A.

Only final I have left is my Govt. final day after tomorrow. I really hope I do well on it. I got an A on the midterm but I think he said that's 1/3 of our total score so I have to do well on the final as well. Need to go back over what we've learned and make sure I remember it and there is some more reading to be done.

In my personal life, well... things are complicated. I did dye my hair this week (with the help of a friend). But on the romantic front things are less than ideal. Been thinking perhaps that I'm meant to be alone. And of course all my friends will champion my cause and say "No, you deserve a great guy!" blah blah. But the truth is, maybe I don't. Maybe I am one of those people who just needs to live without a relationship. And I don't necessarily mean the type that goes from person to person never getting close enough for a bond to form, but just someone who is married to her work (in this case writing, not waitressing) and doesn't really need a romantic interest.

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