Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Love Story

I just watched a tearjerker of a film. Of course I knew it would be sad. I kind of knew how it ended as well but it was a good story. For some reason love stories always make me kind of sad. Perhaps because there's never that epic love that is found in stories, even when the characters die like Romeo and Juliet. I don't think that kind of love exists in the real world. Real love is hard work and determination and it always takes two people to make it work.

Now you might wonder what right I have to speak of love. After all, the one person I loved was the person I left. Regardless of the circumstances of our relationship, I think there were moments that embodied true love. It is also true that we have had many experiences together which have bonded us in a way that will at least be different than the bond we will share with any future partners. I don't necessarily believe that this means that I will not share a deeper bond with someone in the future. However, I also realize that in order to form such a bond I have to be open to it. I cannot continue to shut everyone else out.

I think it is because I'm not ready to let anyone else in that movies about epic love stories always hit a little too close to home. But I think that pain is a very real part of love, you cannot experience love without it. In this instance the yin/yang principle applies because someone always has to die first, even in storybook romances. My grandparents had the most loving relationship I have ever known and still she had to live several years after he was gone.

And you always hope that your love story will last at least until death parts you but that's not always the case. Sometimes the thing that happens is that people change. Sometimes the two people who fell in love both become different people who want different things and they no longer recognize the person next to them. But, as in the case with my relationship, sometimes the people never really mix well. Sometimes the two are like well for lack of a better analogy "fire and gasoline", and yes I know that's from a song. When relationships don't last it also hurts. Love lost is an enormous pain, and one it takes a while to get over. Sometimes I wonder if people really get over their heartache or if instead they replace the person they loved. That is, when people think they have moved on from one relationship that hurt them (whether the person died or something else happened) perhaps all they have done is to refill that spot in their heart with something, or someone new.

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