Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Post Seven: Five Pet Peeves

Actually I don't really have any... Oh man, I can't even type that with a straight face. The challenge with this question is narrowing it down to only five because oh so many things get on my nerves it's unreal. But I guess I'll just have to do the first five that come to mind rather than the top five on my list. And if you didn't know this bugged me and you've been doing it for quite some time, my apologies, I don't often tell people what I really feel when I'm annoyed.

1. When people ignore traffic safety because they're in a hurry or don't care. I don't like being cut off or passed on the right side or when people travel in the left lane for forty miles so you have to pass them on the right if you don't want to go 10 miles below the speed limit the whole time. On the same note I also hate when people speed up as you try to pass them like they're racing you or something.

2. When people call me Elie May. I've watched the show the Beverly Hillbillies and find it extremely insulting to my intelligence that people insist on referring to me by the name of a silly girl whose only attribute was her beauty. I'd rather be thought of as smart than pretty any day because my looks will fade but hopefully my intelligence will only grow.

3. When English shows have subtitles that are ridiculous and have nothing to do with what is actually being said. My daughters watch these youtube videos of people playing games and there's this one guy with a British accent that they watch a lot. Some of his videos have subtitles and the things they're interpreting him as saying don't even make sense. Sometimes he's even reading a sign which is right on the screen and they still get it wrong. I'm thinking, "who does this, a computer?"

4. People who are rude for no reason. It's not because some situation is currently frustrating them or they're having a bad day it's clearly bad manners like they think the world is entitled to them. You can tell this type of person because they always act rude and entitled no matter what day, no matter what the situation. I mean how hard is it to say thank you, or I'm sorry, or even just I'm having a bad day. I can understand if someone is preoccupied with kiddos or even an important phone conversation, but I'm talking about people who are consistently rude or inconsiderate.

5. Computerized answering services. I hate getting a machine. Half the time my problem isn't listed on the recommendation list or I have to listen to it three times because something happened in the background at just that moment when they said it. I always end up being volleyed from one computerized answering service to another about ten times before I can actually talk to a real person and explain my problem. I hate the stupid music they play when you're on hold too. I think that music is picked especially for its annoying and gut wrenching quality. Makes you want to throw the phone rather than listen to it for two more seconds. Why can't they play popular music instead? Like tune it to pick up the local radio station or something. And it's not like you can not listen to it because the moment you take the phone away from your ear that's when they pick it up again.

So that's my rant on five inconsequential topics that I happen to have annoyances about. They are not the top five on my list. They are not the only five, they are just the first five I happened to think about.

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