Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Thought I'd take a friend's suggestion and post some of my artworks here on the blog. This particular piece was drawn several years ago and has been touched up several times since then. I made it for the Dove Festival art contest. I thought it was a clever idea and it took me a while to carry it out. I had a young child at the time but I worked on it while she was asleep. This represents weeks and even months of preparation. I drew it larger first and then scaled it down. This is the most work I have ever put into any of my art. Most of my drawings have been done in one setting because most of the time I work from pictures. This time, I was working from my imagination. I know some of the proportions are off, that is why most people see this as a young girl instead of a woman like it was intended. The biggest challenge for me was choosing a name for this piece. It is meant to represent a girl who is so wrapped up in her book that not only does she not notice the dove, but the dove is curious as to what she's reading. If you notice the dove craning his neck to see, that is the meaning behind that. It is too small a replica for you to read but I actually wrote the name of my favorite book Les Miserables on the book she is reading although I didn't bother to try writing any of the words (who can write that small?). Anyway, keep an eye out, I'll be posting more later.

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